How to Sell Your Home During COVID |Surrey, Cloverdale & Langley

Hi everyone, its Razaik Cheema with Sutton Premier Realty. Last video, we talked about what happened to the real estate market in April for Surrey, Cloverdale & Langley & the rest of Fraser Valley. And how was it impacted by Covid? 

Today, we are going to talk about how to get your home sold by using technology and practicing safety protocols. We can get your home maximum exposure, get it sold while keeping you and your family members safe. 

Communicating virtually at this time is very important. We use Google Meets and Zoom to do online listing and buying presentations. In addition, contracts can also be signed online by using secure services, such as DocuSign, and Authentisign. 

Our Fraser Valley Real Estate Board has doubled our allowance for maximum photos, as now we can use 40 photos. This doubles your exposure for your home! Video and drone tours are very important before COVID and even more valuable now, as they only increase the exposure for your home. 

Matterport is a great tool that allows buyers to walk throughout the house and get a real time feel of what the house is like. We can live stream open houses by using Facebook and Instagram Live! We can walk through the house while prospective buyers watch in real time. If a buyer has a question, we can answer that question right away. We tie this all in by using social media marketing. 

How I'm talking to you right now is how we are going to get the next buyer for your home. By combining videos and photos with social media, it increases exposure tremendously. 

Now, when a buyer is ready to purchase a home, we get them to sign the COVID disclosure form. This form asks three important questions. One question is if the buyer or the buyers realtors have, or anybody in the family has experienced symptoms of COVID, they have to declare it. Have they traveled outside of Canada the past 14 days? Have they contacted anybody with COVID?  They have to declare that as well. 

Once that form is signed, then we proceed to the in person viewing. As per WorkSafeBC's requirements for all showings buyers and realtors must wear gloves and masks. They must sanitize their hands whenever necessary, and they must maintain physical distance. 

The real estate market does not need to stop during a pandemic. We have guidelines that allow us to do our work in a safe manner. We're able to implement and strategize with technology, which enables our sellers to get maximum exposure for their home, sell our home at the price that they want and give buyers confidence in purchasing a home. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.