Surrey, Cloverdale & Langley Real Estate Updates

How to Save Over $10,000 on Property Transfer Tax

Posted on Feb 15, 2024

Are you dreaming of saving over $10,000 when purchasing your next home in British Columbia? Let me guide you through the process. In BC, the property transfer tax can range from $8,000 to $15,000 or more, but what if you could avoid paying it altogether? Thanks to two incredible programs, you may be able to do just that. 

The First Time Home Buyers...

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Understanding Your BC Assessment – What Homeowners Need to Know

Posted on Jan 19, 2024

As the latest BC Assessments roll out, many homeowners are keenly reviewing the assessed values of their properties. It's crucial to understand what these figures represent and how they impact you. In this blog, we'll demystify the BC Assessment and guide you through what you really need to know.

Understanding BC Assessments

First things first: BC As...

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January 2024 Mid Month Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Jan 15, 2024

As we navigate through January, the real estate market is showing signs of an unexpected yet significant surge. Contrary to the typical slow start of the year, the market is bustling with activity, with new listings entering at a pace nearly double that of December. This article delves into the dynamics of this surge, particularly focusing on Surre...

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December 2023 Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Jan 02, 2024

Welcome to our latest Real Estate Market Update, where we delve into the dynamic Fraser Valley region. As we usher in a promising new year, let's reflect on the unexpected surge in real estate activity that unfolded in December 2023. In a departure from the usual holiday season slowdown, December witnessed a remarkable increase in both property lis...

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Surrey, Cloverdale, & Langley - December 10 Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Dec 10, 2023

As we gear up for the holiday season, it's time to take a closer look at the real estate market in Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley. Join us on this deep dive into the past week's real estate activity, particularly focusing on detached homes, multi-family properties, and the hot topic on everyone's mind – interest rates.

Detached Homes: A Microscopic...

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November 2023 Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Dec 01, 2023

Understanding the Numbers: The Fraser Valley witnessed a noticeable shift in home sales, marking a fifth consecutive month of decline. In November, a total of 891 sales were reported, representing an 8% decrease from the previous month. This trend positions November as the 9th slowest in the last decade, providing a unique perspective on the curren...

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