March 2024

March Mid-Month Real Estate Boom in Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley

Posted on Mar 16, 2024

As winter's chill gives way to the warmth of spring, the real estate market in Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley is mirroring this transition with a significant uptick in activity. This mid-month update sheds light on an intriguing trend: a surge in new listings across these areas, surpassing the 10-year average. Let's delve into what this means for...

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Navigating the New Property Transfer Tax Exemption for First-Time Home Buyers in British Columbia

Posted on Mar 08, 2024

Introduction to Property Transfer Tax Changes
For first-time home buyers in British Columbia, there's some significant news that could change the game for you. If you're looking to step into the housing market, an understanding of the recent changes to the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) exemption limit is crucial. Previously set at $500,000, the BC gov...

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BOC Holds Interest Rates Steady at 5%: Navigating Towards the 2% Inflation Target

Posted on Mar 06, 2024

So, the Bank of Canada (BOC) decided to keep its interest rate steady at 5%, and guess what? This isn't the first time; it's actually the fifth time in a row. Everyone, from economists to everyday folks, is watching this closely. Why? Because it signals the BOC's cautious strategy in keeping our economy on a stable path. With inflation...

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