Meet Your Agent

We'll sit down to discuss your goals and reasons for buying, whether you're looking to upgrade, downsize, or its an investment. This meeting will give us an understanding of your expectations and how we can achieve the best outcome for you. Here we’ll discuss the pre-approval process, your criteria in the purchase and the timeline.


Property Evaluation

Financial Self-assessment: It's crucial to have a clear understanding of your current financial status, monthly obligations, and savings.

Mortgage Pre-approval: Before starting your search, we will connect you with a reliable mortgage advisor with your bank or a mortgage broker that has access to different banks and lenders. This will give you clarity on the price range to target.


Home Search and Viewing

Scheduling viewings: based on your specifications, we will line up properties to view. These visits provide a tangible sense of the property beyond photographs.

Stay patient and open-minded. Finding the perfect fit might take time. Keep an open mind; sometimes, the best homes are where you least expect them.


Making an Offer

Market Research: We will look into recent sales of comparable homes in the area to gauge an appropriate offer price.

Submitting Your Offer: This formal proposal will outline your price, deposit, subjects/conditions, and desired move-in date.

Negotiation Phase: We’ll negotiate on your behalf, aiming for the best terms and price.


Accepted Offer

Mortgage Finalization: With the property details, your lender will conduct a bank appraisal if needed and finalize the mortgage terms.

Home Inspection: An essential step, this ensures you're aware of any issues, hidden or apparent, in the property.

Deposit: The deposit will be due after the due diligence is complete and all subjects are removed.


Closing the Deal

Legalities: A legal professional (lawyer or notary) will manage title transfer and other legal aspects of the sale.

Completion Date: This is the day you'll receive the property title and the seller will receive the proceeds from the sale.


What to Expect

Moving In: Coordinate with movers, set up utilities, and notify relevant entities of your address change.

Realtor Support: We will continue to assist even post-purchase, helping you integrate into your new community.

Regular Maintenance: Protect your investment. From cleaning gutters to checking roofs, regular maintenance keeps unforeseen issues at bay.
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