Meet Your Agent

Before anything else, we'll sit down to discuss your goals and reasons for selling, whether you're looking to upgrade, downsize, or relocate. This meeting will give us an understanding of your expectations and how we can achieve the best outcome for you.


Property Evaluation

Market Analysis: We'll conduct a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine your home's value in the current market.

Price Strategy: Post our discussion and home enhancements, we finalize a pricing strategy.

Listing Agreement: A formal document that underlines our mutual commitments. It defines the list price, commission, and duration of the listing.


Preparing Your Home for Sale

Repairs and Upgrades: Based on our valuation, targeted repairs or upgrades can be recommended to enhance the potential sale price.

Staging: A well-staged home can significantly boost its appeal. Whether it's a professional stager or using existing furnishings, the objective is to make your home standout.

Professional Photography & Videography: Beyond pictures, immersive video tours and drones capture your property's essence, ensuring it stands out online.


Marketing and Showcasing Your Home

MLS (Multiple Listing Service): Your property will be listed on the MLS system, making it accessible to other real estate professionals and potential buyers.

Digital Marketing: This includes online listings, social media campaigns, and targeted ads to attract a wider audience.

Open Houses & Private Showings: We'll coordinate and host these events, ensuring safety and minimal disruption to your daily life.


Receiving and Reviewing Offers

Review: Together, we'll review each offer, comparing terms, conditions, and prices.

Negotiations: We’ll negotiate on your behalf, aiming for the best terms and price.


Accepting an Offer

After a successful negotiation, you'll sign the purchase agreement. The buyer will typically have a period to complete their due diligence:

Financing Approval: Ensuring they secure a mortgage.

Home Inspection: The buyer may conduct their inspection and possibly renegotiate based on findings.


Closing the Sale

Legalities: A legal professional (lawyer or notary) will manage title transfer and other legal aspects of the sale.

Completion Date: This is the day you'll receive the proceeds from the sale, and the buyer will receive the property title.


Moving Out & Handing Over the Keys

Once the sale is finalized, you'll hand over the keys at our office. Remember to cancel or transfer utilities, property insurance, and services.

Let's Take the First Step!

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