Free Home Evaluation

The initial home evaluation is the most important step in the process of selling your home. 

We understand the sentiments and emotions involved when it comes to making the decision to sell your home and we absolutely strive to make that process easy and stress-free.  Building a certain level of trust is essential and that is our goal when we meet with you during the initial home evaluation process.

We offer 2 flexible types of appointments which include discussing pricing, timelines, and marketing!

Initial Casual Walk Through – Here we will meet at your home and do a casual walk through and talk! You do not need to prep your home for this, we will keep it informal and just talk about the process! This appointment is perfect for people that are:

  •  thinking of selling and are interested in the value of their home but are unsure if it is the right time
  • thinking of doing any renovations to the home that will add value but are unsure if it is worth it.

In-Depth Home Evaluation – Popular Option! Here we sit down and go over in detail the process of selling from now to SOLD! We will do a walkthrough of the home and talk about major factors such as pricing, timelines, marketing strategies, showings, and the steps after selling.

Our clients are our friends. We create long-lasting relationships with our clients that last past the transaction of selling and buying!

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