April 2022

The Power of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Posted on Apr 27, 2022

Digital Marketing has taken over in real estate. In 2021, there are over 31 million people actively using social media in Canada. This is the new wave for realtors to market their clients’ homes. Here’s why:

1) You reach a larger audience through digital marketing. 95% of Canadian adults use at least one social media platform daily. Traditional mark...

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Tips on Selling Your Home During the Rainy Season

Posted on Apr 08, 2022

As we know our climate in the Fraser Valley is known for its rainy weather. And while we may not pay too much attention to it, it can have an impact on the process of selling your home. So here are some tips: 

Tip #1) Keep an umbrella stand at the front door. 
Buyers will probably use an umbrella to make their way to the door from their car so give the...

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March 2022 - Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Apr 01, 2022

March 2022 Market Update!

For the 3rd consecutive month, new listings in the Fraser Valley continued to rise giving buyers more homes to choose from. This has helped increase active inventory. The board received 4580 new listings in March which is 22.4% higher than February. Even with all the new listings coming to the market, prices were still up.


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