The Power of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Digital Marketing has taken over in real estate. In 2021, there are over 31 million people actively using social media in Canada. This is the new wave for realtors to market their clients’ homes. Here’s why:

1) You reach a larger audience through digital marketing. 95% of Canadian adults use at least one social media platform daily. Traditional marketing such as flyers and newspaper ads is phasing out as it only reaches a handful of people. A well-thought strategy lets you expand your reach and focus towards a specific target market.

2) Stand out from your competition. The way your home is marketed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, determines how much exposure it gets. It impacts how potential buyers feel about it in comparison to the other options available.

3) It Builds Trust & Credibility. According to recent study, approximately 92% of buyers search for homes online during the home buying process. If your agent is up to date with their social profile, it gives buyers confidence that they are looking at a home from a credible agent.

4) Track your results. Digital marketing allows agents to track their results in real time and compare performance to refine strategies. If there is no concrete way for realtors to measure their results, it can cause them to shy away from their marketing spending.

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