Tips on Selling Your Home During the Rainy Season

As we know our climate in the Fraser Valley is known for its rainy weather. And while we may not pay too much attention to it, it can have an impact on the process of selling your home. So here are some tips: 

Tip #1) Keep an umbrella stand at the front door. 
Buyers will probably use an umbrella to make their way to the door from their car so give them a place to keep their umbrellas.

Tip #2) Give buyers a place to wipe their feet.
Place a decent size floor mat by the front door so that buyers can wipe their feet before stepping inside.

Tip# 3) Make your home warm and inviting.
No one likes to be cold and wet from the rain, so make sure the fireplaces are on and the temperature is at a comfortable level.

Tip #4) Let the light in.
When it is dark and rainy outside, your home can appear smaller and have a less welcoming vibe. So, its important that your home is well lit.

Tip# 5) Clean and maintain the gutters.
If water is leaking from the gutters during a showing, it can give a poor impression to potential buyers that the home is not well-maintained.

The impression your home leaves and how it makes potential buyers feel, is what they’ll remember while making their decision. Follow us for more tips like this. 
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