Should You Buy Real Estate in 2022?

Regardless of where the market is today and where it may go tomorrow, we believe you should and here’s why:

Is there a home that you like that you can afford & you are qualified for?  Then you should buy it.

Rents are very high today. Interest rates are rising too. But home prices are significantly down now.

So the odds are in your favor:

 - You have a larger inventory to choose from.
 - There is no competition, you have a good chance of getting a bargain.
 - Negotiate better terms on your contract.
 - Get your home professionally inspected by a home inspector.

Who knows when the inflation rate comes down and then the prices may go up?

Over time, interest rates may come back down so you can refinance and save you more money. Your home value will increase & you will get the return on your investment. I would be one to say, it's still a great time to buy.

The best strategy to own real estate is to buy now and wait instead of waiting to buy.

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