Are Open Houses Worth It?

Is hosting an open house right for you? For many sellers, open houses can seem like a hassle and not worth the time or effort it takes to prepare for one.

While an open house isn’t right for every property, it can attract attention and generate buyer interest in your home. In the best cases, an open house can even create the right environment for a bidding war! An open house may be worth it when:

- Your home stands out: If your home has unique features that are a selling point–like a mother-in-law suite–or stands out from the other homes in your neighborhood, then host an open house to show off your property. 

- You live in a high-demand, populated area: If your area sees a lot of foot traffic, you should definitely have an open house because you never know who may stop in! Likewise, if your area is in demand, an open house can generate more buzz. Rather than having to deal with a bunch of individual showings, an open house can reduce the time and energy you put in as a seller.

-Your property has highly sought-after attributes that are hard to find: When your home has special attributes, people will want to come see them in person, so give them an easy way to do so with an open house.

-Your entry-level home appeals to first-time buyers: First-time buyers love open houses because they’re a low pressure way to see a home. If your home is perfect for first-timers, strongly consider hosting an open house. 

On the flip side, if your home doesn’t fit into these guidelines, an open house might not be the best fit for your property. Your real estate agent will be able to provide the best advice for your situation. 

But for most sellers, hosting an open house makes it easier for buyers to see your home and that increases your chance of getting a great offer. 

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