Flaws in the Home Inspection?

After there is a home inspection and you find out there are issues with the property, what should you do? You have a couple options here.

You can negotiate for the cost of repairs as a credit to be given back to you, make a price adjustment or negotiate for the repair items to be completed by the seller. There are benefits to each of them.

Sometimes you may have a trusted contractor, carpenter, or plumber that you want to do the work for you so it’s done to your satisfaction.

Another option is that you can have the seller complete all the repairs on your behalf as you have limited knowledge and don’t want to get indulge with any of the repairs.

There is also a possibility that some of the repairs may require immediate attention. Between now and closing, it may cause more damage to the property like a roof leak, leaky gutters, or leak in the hot water tank. You don’t want these problems to persist so depending on the severity of the issue it should be handled timely.

Overall, you should know what option will benefit you and come to the table and you can usually get things sorted out.
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