Is Selling & Buying in Today's Market Worth It?

You know that now is a great time to sell your home because we’re in a strong seller’s market. 

But, at the same time, the market that allows you to make a big profit while selling your home can make it a little tougher to buy your next one. 

Let’s see if the perks of selling right now are worth the challenges you might face buying. 

 Perks of Selling Today
1. Big ROI: Homes have increased in value, which means you can likely sell your home for much more than you originally paid for it. This can give you an instant down payment for your next place!

2. Fast to sell: Because inventory is low, you’ll likely sell your home quickly and avoid a long selling process. 

3. Competitive offers: With the low inventory and high demand from buyers, you’re going to see competitive offers, which will increase your ROI. 

Challenges of Buying 
1. Can take time to find the perfect place: patience is the name of the game for buying right now. It might take some time before you find and put a successful offer in on your next home

2. Higher interest rates: Mortgage interest rates are higher now. Don’t let this get you down though–you can always refinance to a lower rate in the future when interest rates come down.

The key to securing the biggest perks of selling while avoiding those buying  challenges, you need to have a great, experienced real estate agent on your side. 

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