The Surge in Townhome and Condo Listings
Last week brought with it an impressive surge in listings, especially for townhomes and condos. This rise in property availability is indicative of a market that's both bustling and expanding.

Single-Family Homes Join the Momentum
But townhomes and condos aren't the only properties experiencing a boom. This week, single-family homes have firmly entered the spotlight.

Surrey's real estate market recorded 90 new single-family home listings, up by 21 from the week before. A clear signal that Surrey continues to be a hotspot for potential homeowners.

Cloverdale's real estate scene wasn’t far behind. The region reported 24 new listings for single-family homes, a rise by 11 from just the previous week.

Langley, maintaining its reputation as a sought-after locale, noted 67 new single-family home listings, marking an increase of 19 from the previous week.

A Sign of a Healthy Market Movement
This steady rise across property types is more than just a statistical anomaly. It's emblematic of a robust and healthy market movement in the Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley areas. Such trends present smoother avenues for those consumers eager to upsize their homes or for those considering a more compact living experience.

As we navigate past the mid-month mark in September, a comparison with the previous year reveals an even more encouraging picture. Sales are occurring at a pace that decidedly surpasses September of the previous year. This faster rate underscores a heightened and active buyer interest in today's market, particularly in Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley real estate.

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